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Convention updates continue as this blogger continues to be busy! Recent announcements include this Artist Announcement! If you’re an ARTIST and interested in being a part of the event, please feel free to contact us!

We’ll be sharing our favorite stories, interviews, and art again soon!!! -Blogger

Since we are a fan convention that’s celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Sherlock we would love to see more art! So we ask that you consider sharing it!

Artistic plans for our Event include:

  • An Artist Panel: Spotlighting the fandom and the art that’s blossomed from it throughout the years. Fans, of course, will be credited and links will be added!
  • Art Contest: For those attending, we also plan to have an art contest. We may extend that online as well!
  • Art Donations: For those interested in either donating art for our charity auction, or for our trivia contest, please feel free to contact us! Your store and online media links will be posted on the site, along with anything extra you’d like us to add.
  • Artist & VendorTables: For those interested in selling, we have limited space left. [12 spots] so please contact us if interested, first come basis.  Learn more on our Vendor page!

Although this event is geared towards Sherlock, we plan to take things beyond the BBC series. Other named items that will go over well include Supernatural, The Hobbit (LOTR), Doctor Who, Marvel Avengers/Doctor Strange, Good Omens, Star Trek, and Dracula BBC. [Most of these are mentioned because they somehow have connections with the actors of Sherlock’s BBC series, so they would be popular, and of course, there are the SuperWhoLock fans, that enjoy Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

Questions? Feel free to email us at


Join us in celebrating our favorite show and its 10-year anniversary at THE GAME IS NEVER OVER a Sherlock Convention for the Fans, by the Fans! Sherlock, of course, belongs to Hartswoods Films and the BCC, we just love the show!

reenactment dinner1
Reenact those favorite moments during our Sign Of Three reenactment dinner, or change the story, we’ll let you decide!

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An Artistic New Year… 

My tardiness during the holidays is much like my tardiness of working and running too much. My New Year’s resolution is to try to get more things done online. For now, I’ll share some holiday cheer! -Rosemary [Sherlock Fans USA]


Above art by JASRIC

As a “Thank You” to our fellow fans for your support and love, we share our Art Gallery, and wish you a Happy New Year! Permission of course was given to post these and I also add links… Most you’ll find on

ENJOY and PLEASE follow the links!


Sherlock & John by Olga Tereshenko



Vacant By Madtenka



‘Sherlock and John are one’ art by arashicat.


Another piece by arashicat.



Let’s draw Sherlock, art by TopHatTurtle



Sherlock art by MachoMachi



Molly and Toby, by harbek



Mycroft by RedPassion


Blue Fish by RedPassion



Sherlock and John by sandara



Another piece by sandara



Art by Pulvis



Moriarty & Sherlock by Ladynlmda



Here to See the Queen by girl-on-the-moon




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Happy Birthday Martin!


This is our way of saying.. “Happy Birthday, Martin!” Sharing a beautiful selection of art, honoring one of our favorite talents! The gorgeous piece above is by CeciliaGF, the one below by Amanda Tolleson.


“We Fan’s Love You and adore you, Martin! Wishing you the best always!

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The shot has been fired… Fan art Spotlight!


It’s been a while since I’ve spotlighted some art… So I’ll kick things off with a personal favorite, some art by AlessiaPelonzi! [Centering on season three, Mary joins the duo. This piece above is titled Crumbled after the shot has been fired.]


An emotional moment for Watson.

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