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Hamlet-Andrew-Me 1

Name: Miche Marcisz

Nickname: Miche

U.S. Member: Sherlock Fans USA,, Andrew’s Scotties Group on FB, etc.

First introduced to BBC Sherlock: Autumn 2013 [The night before I went to London, with a friend, he put on Netflix episode: The Great Game & A Scandal In Belgravia.  My 1st look at Benedict & an instant interest in Andrew Scott.  I wanted to see more & vowed to start watching from the beginning when I returned to the U.S.]

Favorite BBC Sherlock Character: Moriarty

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Fan Appreciation During Sherlocked 2018!


I mentioned this awhile back.. But I’ve been designing 16×20 posters for the actors attending Sherlocked this year. I’ll have fans signing these goodies during Mrs. Hudson Pool Party, in the lobby, and various places over the weekend. Then giving these to the actors as a gift from us fans! 

Would love lots of fan participation, So I hope to see you there!

Molly Poster.jpg

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