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Hi everyone.  My name is Rhonna Di and I am one of the members Rosemary mentioned yesterday going to contribute to this blog.

I suppose I should introduce myself properly.


I got involved in this fandom right before Series Three was aired. I think I had to wait four months.  My daughter called me one night and asked if I had heard of this TV series called “Sherlock.” Me, being the uninformed, out-of-the-loop one, told her no I hadn’t. This was the first time I had heard anyone say Benedict’s name out loud. She then asked if I remembered the actor who played Bilbo.  Well, I wasn’t that uninformed. “Of course I remember Bilbo,” was my response, although; I had no clue of his name either.  “Well he and the guy who voices Smaug are in this series called Sherlock. It’s really good and I think you would love it.”

Little did we know she would create a monster.

I first met Rosemary at the Sherlocked convention in Los Angeles in 2017. I got a picture taken with her when she was cosplaying as Sherlock in his bearskin hat. We didn’t properly meet until the one in 2018. Her ‘”Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party” was the best party of the weekend.  Then, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to London a few weeks ago and spend time with Rose and many of the people I became friends with at Sherlocked. That week was one of the best of my life.


(I’m the one with Sherlock’s feet…)

On a personal note, I live in the mountains of Arizona and have four children. Three are grown and my baby is ten.

Back From London… And Still Busy!


Back from London, and still working on getting settled in, along with posting something fun! Hopefully, within a day or two, I’ll have things more organized… Until then enjoy this fun video I put together. Not very professional I know, but it’s still enjoyable! Above Photo: This Blogger posed with my Sherlock Fan USA sisters!

Martin was so kind and sweet, and greeted each fan!


And for those that haven’t seen it yet, Benedict has a new charity and contest listed with Omaze! Keep watching and do enter, you could just win a trip to meet our favorite talent!

Click Link for more details: Meet Benedict Cumberbatch






Note to my fellow fans and bloggers: I’ve been extremely busy of late, I know I’m always busy! So many things I want to do and never enough time to do it! But I’m still that loyal Blogger, and I still have so many things to share! All I can do is say I promise to post more soon, and if you haven’t checked out my Retro Blog, please do, you might enjoy it. PS: I do plan to pick up one at Martin Freeman book again!



And for those that know of this Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

The Date Has Been Announced For Retro Con 2019!! Hope to see you there!



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Throw Petrie in the Pool!

As always I’m behind on everything, but I had to give a Shout Out to this Amazing Charity/Event! For those that attended Sherlocked last year, you may remember the throwing of Rupert Graves in a Pool for Charity. [The video above shows that exciting event, recording by my friend Megan!] There’s now to be an encore, this time Rupert will be throwing Alistair Petrie in a pool for Charity! The money raised from this will go to an organization that helps to pervert premature births, and again it was put together by Lora Den Otter, an amazing Sherlock fan that goes the extra mile to help others!

The Goal is a 1,000.00 Wouldn’t it be great to surpass that?! For more details and to donate go to Throw Petrie in the Pool

Follow Rupert and Alistair on Twitter!




More Stories and Behind the Screen photos soon! 



Wishing you Sherlock Fans a Very Happy Holiday!

Because I’ve been so extremely slow about posting anything of late, just working too much is to blame. I thought I would share some extra Sherlock goodies today, to celebrate this amazing holiday! Happy Holiday’s to all of you, and I hope to post more in the upcoming weeks, as my London trip nears.


Christmas Stories…

I’ve been working on a selection of Sherlock December Ficlets from 2017, by mydogwatson… But I ran out of time, Christmas was here before I could post all of those stories, so I’ll post the complete collection below from 2017 as a Holiday gift! I hope to post more stories from this amazing writer soon!

Note some of these stories I’ve already posted, but I wanted to post these in order, from start to finish!

Humbug On a cold winter night, Watson has secrets.

The Various Amusements of Gentlemen Continuing the Victorian adventures of two idiots.

Secrets As December rolls on, these two idiots are still so very Victorian.

Thin Ice Holmes and Watson are still dancing around one another, but progress is being made.

Do You See What I See? The slow dance between Holmes and Watson continues, with added murder.

The Right Word Holmes and Watson edge ever closer. And eat soup.

A Gentlemen’s Agreement A Christmas card, the Queen, and two idiots moving closer to what they want.

The Queen And The Impatient Detective Watson and Holmes go to Buckingham Palace. Everybody is clothed.

Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Sherlock takes a long walk to think about dinner. John casts off the past. Mycroft runs the country and helps Sherlock.

A Most Civilised Evening Holmes and Watson finally have their dinner at Simpson’s.

Silent Night Two Victorian gentlemen in their parlour after dinner.

My Friend Mister Sherlock Holmes The morning after their dinner at Simpson’s. Complications ensue.

Visions of Sugarplums The fates continue to conspire against our boys. But they cuddle.

O Night Divine Finally. And they also dance.

A Midnight Clear Watson knows how to deal with Holmes’ black mood.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Holmes has parents? Watson is going to meet the family.

With Glowing Hearts Christmas has arrived in 221B.

My True Love Gave To Me On Boxing Day, Holmes and Watson admire one another and go on a ramble through London.

Write It On Your Heart Holmes and Watson bring in the New Year with music and pasta and just a touch of melancholy.

I also want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of my friends that sent me Christmas goodies! My friend Megan spoiled me with a Sherlock Pocket Watch, which I may use for a female Mycroft costume… I’m trying to work off all of the cake first, to design the costume! Megan also sent me these very cool Sherlock pillow covers, she spoils me! Lea sent me the latest Benedict Cumberbatch Christmas card, which I’ll cherish! And Teri sent me another cool Sherlock card too, of the boys celebrating Christmas together! And Tami also sent me a Christmas Card! Much love to all of you and happiness to all of you!


PS: Carly was checking out my Sherlock Christmas goodies!





Sholto’s Army!

You can still become a member of Sholto’s Army, and it makes a brilliant Christmas gift! 


We Sherlock fans love charities and the actors that have brought us so much joy! Recently a fellow fan on Twitter LoraDenOtter designed a brilliant campaign, honoring one of our favorite talents, Alistair Petrie! We Sherlock fans, of course, know him as Major Sholto, and now it’s time to join his army!

Buy a t-shirt and help prevent premature births! You have five more days to Buy A T-Shirt and donate! Wear it to Sherlocked USA, and we’ll try to get a photo together! 





Helping a friend in need, please check out this and donate if you can!

‘Sherlock Fans USA’ at Keystone!




It’s taken me a few weeks to post these pictures, I’ve just been insanely busy, getting ready for my convention Retro Con! But these are some of the pictures from Keystone Comic Con! It was their first year, so things were a little slow, but I’m sure it will grow, and we still had an amazing time! We also raised over $150.00 dollars for charity, half going to help Forever Home Rescue and the other have went to St. Jude! [The winner of the 50/50 was booth 1132, and the winner of the Hobbit Autograph piece, went to Henry Ruszkowski!

A Big Thanks to KeyStone Comic Con for inviting us!! Also a big thanks to MC and Nagi for assisting me all weekend!



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