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A Sherlock Tea Lamp


Recently I picked up this beautiful Sherlock Tea Lamp, and you can own one too! I’m posting the info below… And for those that love The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, or anything fan-based, may have that perfect lamp for you! You can also buy customs, but they do cost a bit more. 

To order this amazing Sherlock lamp, follow the link:, the designer also has night lights, something I plan to order soon!

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Helping a friend in need, please check out this and donate if you can!



We Sherlock fans love charities and the actors that have brought us so much joy! Recently a fellow fan on Twitter LoraDenOtter designed a brilliant campaign, honoring one of our favorite talents, Alistair PetrieWe Sherlock fans, of course, know him as Major Sholto, and now it’s time to join his army!

Buy a t-shirt and help prevent premature births! You have five more days to Buy A T-Shirt and donate! Wear it to Sherlocked USA, and we’ll try to get a photo together! 


Becoming Sherlock Holmes


It’s simply amazing, the dedication a fan will put into a costume, into becoming a beloved character. Paying close attention to every detail, Bravo Almara has the stunning ability to do just that! Bravo became of fan of Sherlock in 2011, it was then she tried her first costume of Sherlock. Since then, she’s not only dressed as the Consulting Detective.. But she’s done an amazing job as Eurus Holmes and James Moriarty as well!


 Bravo Almara dressing as Sherlock for the first time in 2011! Follow Bravo on  Facebook & on Instagram

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Dress Up!


Sorry again for the delay in blogs, I took a few days to relax and get some things done around the house! Recently it’s been run.. Run.. Run! So I needed some me time. In saying that, lets start Monday off with something fun! Recently I had a cosplay designer contact me 🙂 Her dresses were so cute, I had to share! Follow this talented fan at: DarlingArmy


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