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Becoming Holmes & Watson

My first Cosplay Spotlight, with two talented fans I met at Sherlocked USA! Big thanks to both Adrian & Jen for this amazing interview! Follow these two on Facebook at Baker Street Regulars Cosplay or on Instagram (@bakerstreetregulars)!


Now onto that interview!

So I’ve seen your cosplay page, and I know you two have a strong love for Sherlock. But how were the two of you first introduced to the show? Was it love or first sight?

Adrian: I was actually introduced to the show by a friend I’d met at a local convention! My immediate thought was “Oh god, this has to be the wrong show. Is this some war documentary?” followed by “I can’t understand a word they are saying”. I knew literally nothing about Sherlock before watching it. All I knew was I thought the floating text was awesome, John Watson was attractive as hell, and I wanted to watch the second episode immediately.

Jen: Adrian, during a break between high school classes came runnning up to me exclaiming loudly about a detective show with “floating lines and words and lots of street lights and running”. I thought I sounded like a pretty cool anime, so I went and watched it. It was partly out of obligation because I had made them watch an anime called Fullmetal Alchemist beforehand. Love wasn’t the first thing on my mind. Rather, I noticed how distinct Ben and Martin’s noses were. I started out watching trailers where Mark and Steven were talking about John’s intelligence and Sherlock’s super intelligence and this was all new information to me. I’d never heard of John Watson. I’m not sure at what point exactly I fell in love, but I stayed up until 4AM on a school night to watch The Great Game, so…somewhere between the trailers and then.

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