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Sherlock Fans USA will be at Keystone Comic Con!


It’s taken me awhile to confirm this.. But Sherlock Fans USA will be at Keystone Comic Con! They’ve given us a fan table!! Things we’ll offer include, a charity basket, Sherlock props, Sherlock giveaways and more! If you’re a Sherlock fan, come join us and dress up too! More details posted soon!!

Taking it Beyond Baker Street briefly to honor a convention this Editor is hosting! This will be our seventh year, come join us in the fun!

To Learn More Check Out Our Event Page: Retro Con 2018!



Benedict Breakfast Winner Announced!


For those that Entered, or have been following The Breakfast with Benedict contest, the winner was announced last Thursday! We fans at Sherlock Fans USA send a Big Congratulations to the WINNER! Here’s a video of the winner, receiving that amazing news! Posted by Omaze!
Hopefully Benedict and Omaze will work together on another contest soon! Lots of love, for a great charity!  


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Taking it BEYOND BAKER STREET.. For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!

Sherlock Fans USA: Charity T-Shirts!

Because we love charities and I think this would be a fun way to promote our group, I’ve designed Three shirts! The deadline for buying these t-shirts is July first, they’ll be made shortly after and shipped July 10th! Each t-shirt goes towards a special charity, so let’s also raise some money!!


The first t-shirt design will have this on the front of it, and it Honor’s Redbeard! The money will go towards Cat Angel Network, a shelter for animals with special needs. If you’d like to have you’re lettering on the front instead of the back, here’s another designed offered: For Redbeard


Each t-shirt will have the same lettering on the back of it.

download (1)

The second t-shirt design, SHERLOCK’S KIDS will go towards Mending Kids a nonprofit organization, that helps family and kids in need of medical care! 



The third and final t-shirt Honor’s our favorite Land Lady, MRS HUDSON! The money goes towards The Alzheimer’s Association. [This t-shirt is also in memory of a wonderful father, my dad, whom we lost last year, to this horrible disease]. 


Now purchase a great t-shirt, and help a great charity! We Sherlock fans plan to wear these to London next year too!

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Taking it Beyond Baker Street!

Must Watch Shows and Movies, starring our favorite talents!

Have you watched Patrick Melrose yet?



For those that haven’t watched it yet.. Safe is a must! Starring: Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abbington and Marc Warren!



Martin Freeman brilliant as always in Cargo!






A Sherlocked Charity Basket!


For those attending the Sherlocked convention, in May! I’ll have a charity basket set up in the Dealers room! The contents not only include Pop Figures, one’s an exclusive! But also a selection of Titans, pins, a lanyard, a key-chain, and t-shirt! The main reason for trying to win this? Two autographed photos! One of Benedict Cumberbatch and the other of Andrew Scott! The Andrew Scott autograph has an interesting story behind it,  it was giving out during the promotion of the second season. Both autographs come with papers of authenticity!



The Money collected from this.. Will go to Benedict Cumberbatch’s favorite charity!


All of this will be bundled up in a cute little package! If you haven’t bought your tickets for Sherlocked, it happens in less then a month! 😀

A Charity For Major Sholto!


We Sherlock fans love charities, and the actors that have brought us so much joy! Recently a fellow fan on Twitter LoraDenOtter designed a brilliant campaign, honoring one of our favorite talents, Alistair PetrieWe Sherlock fans of course know him as Major Sholto, and now it’s time to join his army!

Buy a t-shirt and help prevent premature births! You have five more days to Buy A T-Shirt and donate! Wear it to Sherlocked USA, and we’ll try to get a photo together! 



Big kudos to a caring fan and a brilliant actor! 

A Sherlock Charity Basket!


For you fans attending Sherlocked 2018, I’ll have a charity basket set up in the dealers room! It’ll contain three Pop Figures, one an exclusive! It’ll have eight Sherlock Titans! A BBC: button set, lanyard with badge, key chain, and t-shirt! The main prize in this charity basket is a Benedict Cumberbatch autograph, that was signed during a previous Sherlocked convention! You’ll be able to purchase tickets during the event, and a winner will be announced Sunday afternoon! 



Lots of thought has gone into designing this charity box/basket! Which will be displayed in cellophane, shredded filler and ribbons during the event! All the money raised from this, will go towards Benedict’s favorite charity! 

Much love to the Sherlocked crew and Sora of the Baker Street Babes for helping with this! And to Retro Con 2018 for sponsoring this!

A brave kitty!


Like Molly Hooper in this drawing, I have a deep love for our furry friends! Many of those involved in the Sherlock adore and help animals everyday, Amanda Abbington comes to mind, as she constantly mentions her love for animals on twitter! I think the same can be said for us fans, so I share this in hopes that we can make a difference and help Ripley! (Art by harbek at


My friend, Mae who has been taking care of this brave kitty the past six months, and trying to find her a forever home!

Ripley’s a super friendly cat despite living on her own for a long time. But she is ready for a new home. Except for one thing.. The vet’s found she has a serious wound, she’s been hiding under her leg. An injury that, if left untreated, will be fatal. Even in so much pain, she is still super friendly and never lashes out- even at the vet or when forced to take pills. But to heal her requires an expensive surgery- one the vet tells us needs to be done very soon (within a week would be ideal). Most potential adopters would likely not want to take on such a burden, and taking her to a shelter would get her euthanized instead of treated.

I ask my friends that read these blogs, to help if you can, and to spread the word. This brave little kitty needs us!