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Winner of the Benedict Cumberbatch Contest!


I gathered up all the names yesterday, 76 entries in total. Printed and cut them out.

The list of names added

Bravo Almara, Matthew Auslander, Harlena Best, Sophie Bennett, Erica Bertoncini, Beverly Cummins, Jeanine Bailey, Samantha Blymiller, Alexandra Canaoay, Dino Cencia, Kristina Colon, Giuliana Corti, Becky Davis, Michelle Davis, Joanna Dionne, Isabelle Ducos-Filippi, Maverick Douglas, Miryn Doyle, Hannah Eriksson, Lea Fleming, Rørø Fne, Anja Giersch, Claire Gilmore, Janet Gray, Kent Gray, Tanja Gunkel, Libet Hackett, Morgan Hamilton, Briar Harle, MC Harris, Sam Hevle, Christina Horst, Jayme Kerr, Cindy Knorr, Zuzka Klementová, Lynne Kourtidis, Karen Kovacic, Meg Kraska, Holly Lacy, Momo Leal, Franziska Leuthner, Howard Look, Gyöngyi Mezey, Leilani Michener, Lisa Miranda, Scott Moriarty, Amber Murphy, Gaby Murillo, Aniko Nyusti, Kathy O’brien, Laura Pass, Arlene Placer, Tay Perassolo, Lauri Pledger, Felix Quinlan, Donna Randall, Anne Rehnert, Sophia Rijsterborgh, Tracey Robey, Derek Rzemien, Christine Senior, Moira Steven, Liz Stockbridge, Laura Trout, Sarah Trupiano, Maria Uchiha, Jeni Vail, Christine Volker, Marit Vrielink-Rabs, Shelley Wisnoskie, Matilda Wolfe, Marilee Worrell, Helen Zaveta, Mel Zerbach and マルティネズ 恵子

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Cumberbatch, Freeman & SNL


I decided to do something different this Monday morning.. I’m sharing some Saturday Night Live [SNL] moments with both Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman! For Benedict Cumberbatch, my friend Mike and I stayed up all night, on a New York City sidewalk, to see the show! Would have done the same for Martin Freeman, if I would have known ahead of time 🙂 Above is one of Benedict Cumberbatch November 2016!

Sump’n Claus with Martin Freeman!


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Benedict Cumberbatch Contest!


I’m taking it Beyond Baker Street for this contest! This time it’s for a Benedict Cumberbatch autograph, of Doctor Strange! The rules are simple! 

Follow us on our Facebook fan group, if you haven’t yet [ ] and write “I’m here to win Benedict!” Instantly you’ll be entered!

I’ll collect all the names February 24th and announce a winner on the 25th! Good luck to all of you!



This and the next contest is brought to you by Retro Con 2018!


A portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch!


[From the Editor aka Blogger of this site: Sorry for the delay in posting anything of late.. This past week I’ve been getting ready and hosting a convention I organize with my husband. I should be more active now though.. Until next Tuesday, when I leave for London! I’ll be attending the Sherlocked convention and going to Martin Freeman’s play, Labour of Love! Excited times ahead! This past weekend was exciting too! Hope life is great with the fans that follow this site and I hope to see some of you at Sherlocked in a few weeks!]

Now with the update complete.. On to some brilliant art by AumaelA portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch pretty much describes the entire blog this time, Aumael’s simply amazing in capturing both the actor and the character! Enjoy this much as I have! -Blogger


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