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Martin Freeman: Love Through Art



Honoring one of my favorite talents in Sherlock, the man whom portrayed a modern day John Watson! Martin Freeman’s Bio goes far beyond Sherlock of course, so this is just honoring a small sample of what he’s done! And for those that would like to see what he’s doing now, follow!

This first selection of art is by Amanda Tolleson!


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Meeting Martin Freeman!

It’s taken awhile.. But I now share what I call my first Sherlock USA Fans discussion / podcast! This first one centers on Martin Freeman and a Labour of Love. My friend Mc Harris volunteered her time and memories on this! (Video was taken by yours truly as Martin stepped out to greet his fans, and yes I was the one that said.. “Oh my god.” A very exciting moment for this Sherlock/Hobbit fan!)

A Big thanks to my friends Teri (mydogwatson) and Bianca Mcfly (Sleeping Frog), for saving me a spot to meet Martin and for the photo, Bianca!


Labour of Love was a brilliant play! Lots of praise to the cast and crew! Photo from my London scrap book!

Yasmine Akram Remember’s Sherlock


We had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Yasmine Akram, Janine from The Sign of Three, The Last Vow and The Abominable Bride. So many questions were asked! Including: The kiss! What happened behind the bathroom door? Is Janine Moriarty’s sister? Along with a Wedding full of giggles! She takes us behind the scenes and speaks of the great talents involved in making Sherlock.


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