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Sharing a Spotlight on Trevor Grove! He’s a Sherlock fan that enjoys sculpting his favorite characters. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes happened to be two of them. Well, at one point Big Chief Studios came across his art and these two beauties became an official product!

Recently I spoke with him and he gave his blessing in regards to sharing these beauties. Again these were designed as a fan but they became so much more!

Time to start posting those Titans!! We’ll begin with today’s spotlight, the Drunken Sherlock!

I’ve seen this figure once and it’s in my own collection. The Disguise Sherlock (Dressed as a waiter) seems to be the more common figure out of the 1/40 mystery packs. So I would say this is the rarest of the rare. This figure runs about 35.00 dollars on ebay if you can find him.

“Errr … am I human?” Sherlock asked drunkenly.
“Sometimes.” John responded equally drunk.
“Can’t have ‘sometimes’ has to be, um …” He struggles to pull himself up a little in his chair.
“Yes, you’re human.” John puts down his glass and slumps back in his seat.
Sherlock still finishing his previous sentence. “… ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ … Okay.”
He leans woozily forward, bracing his upper arms on his legs. “And am I a man?”
“Yep.” John responded. “Tall?” Sherlock asked.
John holds his hands wide. “Not as tall as people think.”
“Hmm. Nice?” Sherlock then asked.
“Ish.” Watson.
“Clever?” Holmes.
“I’d say so.” Watson
“You would?” Holmes
John chuckles.
“Mmm, am I important?” Sherlock continued the game.
“To s-some people.” Watson
“Do "people” …“ Sherlock makes vague air-quotes around the word. ”… like me?“
John reached for his glass but not picking it up. "Er, no, they don’t. You tend to rub ’em up the wrong way.”
“Okay.” Holmes John sniggers as Sherlock slumps back in his chair and then leans forward again.
“Am I the current King of England?”

Note these photos are taken from my personal collection!