Or Else I Shall Be Lost

On one’s own… Both young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, must learn to live without their brothers in this next chapter of Memento Vivere! Brilliantly written by mydogwatson! Amazing art by arashicat!

A teaser as always…

It was a fortnight later when he received a letter from Sherlock. The handwriting was overly tidy, rather than the usual impatient scrawl his brother produced, so clearly he had made an effort.

Dear Mycroft,

I do not know if you have heard about my mother. She has gone missing and I fear the worst. Father is quite upset. I think he would be glad if you came home now, because I am not a very good son. He seems to forget that I am here, which is actually fine, but I am sure that he would pay attention to you. I would be glad of your homecoming as well.

You have not written to me in some time, so maybe I am not a good brother either. I could do better, I think, if you were here.

Your brother,

Mycroft carefully folded the letter and returned it to the envelope, deliberately not looking at the wall above his desk.

Read the full chapter at Or Else I Shall Be Lost!


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