Andrew Scott’s Breaking Out!

[While we Sherlock fans are stuck at home, staying safe, I thought I’d share this Entertainment Weekly interview with Andrew Scott! The original print was torn, so I thought I’d rewrite it for easier reading].

As “Hot Priest” on Amazon’s Emmy-Winning Fleabag, Andrew Scott’s charm and devilish wit made us all question our faith. Last December in the WWI drama 1917 he starred opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, then, of course, he plays the part of Tom Ripley on showtimes upcoming Ripley as well as appearing in the season two of HBO’s his dark materials.

On His Ardent Fan Base. Scott doesn’t want to be defined as just one thing. But for now, the 43-year-old Duplin native is happy to bear the moniker of Hot Priest. Since playing the dreamy cleric in Fleabag’s second season – and showcasing some serious onscreen chemistry with costar Phoebe Waller-Bridge he has developed a much different fan base than in his days as Sherlock’s ruthless villain Moriarty; typical reactions now include “Strangle me!” and “Hear my sins!” “Then, when they meet you in real life,” Scott notes, “they’re like, ‘Hello, I really enjoy your work.'”

Unorthodox Choices. When one character “becomes too hot,” as the actor puts it, it’s time to look for the next big thing. “I like playing with all those different sides of yourself without losing yourself,” he says. True to form, Scott has three upcoming projects that he calls “slightly left of center. That’s always what I’m looking for.” In 1917, “there’s nowhere to hide” because the WWI film from director Mendes was shot to look like one continuous take. Scott likes to think of it as “a very expensive film [made] on your iPhone. “You can’t cut away.” The actor is also eager to put his stamp on Ripley ( “an iconic literary character”) on Showtime’s take on the Patricia Highsmith novels.

Finding His Religion. On His Dark Materials, Scott is on the other side of the cloth as John Parry, a traveler in an alternate reality controlled by an authoritarian religious institution.

“Those books are really important for kids,” Scott says of the Philip Pullman trilogy that inspired the series. “It teaches them about goodness and kindness in the world.” Growing up as a gay man in a Catholic Church, Scott faced his own struggles with faith, making him appreciate “the ethics” of His Dark Materials. “You can be a good person in the world [without] organized religion.”

That said, between all his new career adventures, Scott says, “people will forget about the Hot Priest.” Blasphemy.

Original interview by Nick Romano published in Entertainment Weekly.


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