A Strong Man

After dealing with the death of his mother, Mycroft is facing a new stepmother and chooses to run away. The interesting part is, he meets this young boy named Sebastian and instantly I thought Sebastian Moran! Enjoy this new chapter and please leave mydogwatson some feedback, she’d love to hear from you! This adorable art by MachoMachi! Follow MachoMachi on DeviantArt at https://machomachi.deviantart.com/

A bit of a teaser as always!

“Come in, Mycroft,” his father said.

Mycroft opened the door and stepped into the room. His father was sitting in one of the leather wing chairs, as expected, but he was not alone. A woman was perched on the edge of the settee, looking to be on the verge of flight if it should prove necessary. She was dressed in a fashionable long skirt and a basque, both in pale ivory with elaborate embroidery. Her long dark hair was pinned up, topped with a small yellow straw hat adorned with small white flowers.

Mycroft recognized her immediately. He had last seen her in Simla, on the night his mother died.

>Father finally spoke, breaking the uneasy silence. “This is Miss Ananda Patel Fleming. And this is my son, Mycroft.”

“I remember her,” Mycroft replied. “Although I never knew her name.”

Father frowned.

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