Memento Vivere

Now living in Honeycomb Cottage, Watson writes as Sherlock tends to his Bees. Another amazing story by mydogwatson! I know I need to post more of these, and I really need to take the time to read more! Art above by Amanda Tolleson on DeviantArt!

A teaser…

A man might play many roles in his lifetime, especially if, like me, he is fortunate enough to enter his sixth decade.

I have been a soldier. A surgeon. Companion and helpmate to the world’s only consulting detective. Lastly, but by no means least [I flatter myself to think] I have been a storyteller.

Of course, the great British public knows well the little tales of my many adventures with Sherlock Holmes as related in the pages of the Strand magazine and latterly in book form by George Newnes. Indeed, surprising to me [and more so Holmes] the popularity of these stories has expanded even beyond the shores of this sceptre’d isle to be known in much of the literate world.

But now that we both have withdrawn to a much quieter existence, there is one more tale to be told.

I write these words sitting in our cottage in Sussex. Of course, everyone knows that Holmes retired [rather prematurely in many minds] when the charms of crime-solving had begun to pall. That was due, he still insists, to a sad lack of creative, intelligent criminals and rather than duel with lesser examples, he was determined to tend bees and perhaps write the definitive study on the science of deduction. [As a side note, I mention that whilst the bees are flourishing, that great volume remains only a vague notion.]

Read the full story at Memento Vivere!


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