Two Georgian Gentlemen: A Tale

The two Gentlemen returning home, after an adventure.

John Watson reflects on how he first met Sherlock, while the two ready for a Christmas break. Another beautiful tale by mydogwatson, a story that was also a special gift from my favorite writer, I loved receiving a special copy in the mail.

A teaser as always… Enjoy the full story at Two Georgian Gentlemen: A Tale and be sure to leave a comment! 

The man was of about my own age, perhaps a bit younger, and he was as pale and lovely as a carved marble statue by Michelangelo or one of the other great artists of antiquity. Dark curls spilled about his head and the trousers he wore fit like a second skin. But despite the beauty on show and the sudden ache it spawned in my chest, there was more that captured and held my attention.

His eyes were bright, even in the sparsely-lit parlour, and to me, they looked improbably viridian and platinum as his gaze darted about the room with palpable curiosity.

Something told me that he was not here in search of some cheap illicit encounter with one of the sad painted boys

It was a moment before I realised that my contemplation of him was being returned in equal measure. His quick-silver gaze moved over me with that same sense of curiosity and somehow I felt that he knew me better even than I knew myself.


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