Convention Ideas & Hartswood Films


Before the convention questions, I share a surreal moment, stepping through the doors of Hartswood Films! I was given a warm welcome during my visit and got to see the Sherlock room… Yes, there’s a room dedicated to Sherlock!

Lots of love to Hartswood, for all that you do!

The Sherlock convention ideas continue… I’m deleting the rest of the polls because we’ve decided on the location and the time of year. The location would be outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and it would be in the month of November, the year 2020.

The total amounts of fans would be around 200. So the tickets would be very limited! It’ll be 10 years for Sherlock, so that’s cause for celebration! [The first episode aired July 25, 2010] Although it would be a few months later… So we would have a cake, and we’re looking into a possible big screen showing of the first episode. Other ideas include a limited formal dinner, a pizza party or maybe a dance party? The ideas we’re coming up with, are limitless. The question is, how much are you willing to pay for an event like this?

We’re planning to have this as a nonprofit event, but we still need money to reserve the hotel space and fly guests over, among other expenses. Is $120.00 too much to ask for an event like this, or 150.00? Depending on how many are willing to join in, would decide on which guests we could get. The formal dinner would be limited to only 50 in attendance, so that would be extra too.

Would you be willing to pay 120 to 150, to attend such an event? Which would include your autographs and all events, aside from the formal dinner? [Note: It depends on the interest of fans on the costs listed above]

Share your thoughts, and I promise this is the last poll.

More fan blogs to be posted soon, that’s another promise!

For you fans that enjoy comic cons, and Retro goodies from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, check out this Blogger’s event, coming up in few weeks!



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One thought on “Convention Ideas & Hartswood Films”

  1. Thanks for the glimpse into Hartswood Films!

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that the Sherlock convention will be held outside of Philadelphia! I’m local so this is fantastic news for me. Can’t wait for November 2020!!!


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