Another Sherlock Convention?


Sherlock Con

For you fans that would like to see another Sherlock convention, join us in a poll to make it happen! After going to London Film & Comic-Con, I know-how many fans feel. Please sign and share this out!


Fan feedback is what we need… The more fans that join us in this quest, the better our chances. So please share this out and feel free to comment below!



This Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

The Date Has Been Announced For Retro Con 2019!! Hope to see you there!



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7 thoughts on “Another Sherlock Convention?”

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  2. Yes,I went to the final “Sherlocked, USA, 2018. Wouldn’t mind another. The Tough Stuff is going to be Getting Former Cast and Crew interested.How Deep are Your Pockets ? Also, all Set Pieces,Props,Costumes and Everything are packed away in Longterm Storage in an Undisclosed Location. I heard this Firsthand. My best suggestion is to go with Marvel Comic Universe. They Rule The Movie Theaters RIGHT NOW and there is no end in sight.


    1. This would be a fan-based event, nothing as big as Sherlocked. The prices would be more reasonable for sure, and we would keep it to a limited amount of fans. I visited Hartswoods Films recently and spoke with Sue’s assistant, they know we still plan to keep things going, just on a smaller scale. Guest wise, we’re already looking at a few, that would be willing to attend a smaller event.

      Although many of us love Marvel as well… We’re not in it to make money. Just to celebrate the fandom we all love.


  3. It would be sooo amazing to have a Sherlock holmes convention in Alaska,
    But as long as Sherlock Holmes conventions keep going on everywhere it’s amazing!!!


    1. I used to have a cousin that lived in Alaska, he and his wife loved it! Maybe someday I’ll make it there, and long as there’s a Sherlock Convention, there’s always hope 🙂


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