Life has been incredibly busy for me, and I know you’ve heard this before, so I won’t bore you… Today though I made myself a cuppa of tea, and read mydogwatson‘s latest story: Anywhen! It’s a happy ending to a chain of stories, as John and Sherlock finish their little dance! I especially love the connection between the Victorian Holmes and Watson! Of course, I’ll tell no more than that, you’ll have to read for yourself!

A bit of a teaser…

They stood in silence for a time, watching as the last of the daylight leaked away and a small rabbit scurried across the garden, seeking the sanctuary of its warren.

“They say this cottage is haunted by a couple of ghosts” Sherlock finally murmured, his thumb slowly, carefully, caressing John’s palm. “Supposedly by my great-great uncle. He lived here with a friend, apparently. for years. I’m actually named after him.”


Sherlock nodded. “He raised bees and I found his apiary journal in the attic once. It was fascinating.”

John was finding the slow, gentle movement of Sherlock’s thumb against his hand almost hypnotic. “Is that what got you interested in bees?”

Sherlock shrugged. “I suppose.” They leaned into one another. “Mycroft told me about the ghosts the last time we were here. He thought it would frighten me.”

“Mycroft is an idiot,” John pointed out. “I imagine you really wanted to see those ghosts. Did you sit up all night hoping for a visit?”

Sherlock nodded.

Read the full story at Anywhen!
Please do leave comments upon reading the story, mydogwatson would love to hear from you!

Previous chapters to this story can be found here, all listed in order: Stories For Boys, Welcome To Mars, Moon of Mutiny, Stranger In A Strange Land, and Moons, Myths And Man!


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