The Rules of Piracy

tumblr_ok5cwovcmb1s5bguxo1_1280A tender story of a Christmas long ago, with uncle Rudy. There’s also a hint of one’s future involving an Army Doctor / Captain. Enjoy previous chapters:  Two Gentlemen SharingA Game For GentlemenA Gentleman’s Gratitude, Reflections! Art above by Bluezest who can be found on DeviantArt & Tumblr!

A teaser as always…

“William? Are you up here?”

He almost didn’t answer, but then he recognized the voice and realized just who it was quietly climbing the stairs to the attics. “Yes, I’m here,” he mumbled.

A moment later, a tall thin man wearing a bright green shirt under his coat and a canary yellow cravat tied loosely around his neck stepped into the room. He was carrying a narrow box under one arm. Instead of his dark hair being oiled into submission, the dark curls were allowed to spring freely around his head and he was smiling. “Here you are then, William, my bright and shining lad.”

“Sherlock,” he mumbled.

Uncle Rudy came closer and sat cross-legged on the floor next to him. “Beg your pardon?”

“I want to be called Sherlock, not William. Please,” he added belatedly, knowing that Mummy would be pleased by the courtesy.

“Oh, well, that is a rather magnificent decision, especially for an almost five-year-old to make. Sherlock is a much more interesting name than William.”

They sat in silence for a moment, before Uncle Rudy asked, “Why are you hiding up here in the attics?”

“Not hiding,” Sherlock objected. “Thinking.”

“Ah, I see.” Uncle Rudy set the box down. “On a completely different subject, I saw Mycroft skulking about with those cousins of yours. They all seemed to be very pleased with themselves.”

Sherlock really didn’t want to talk about what his cousins had done to him. “Mycroft is a fat idiot,” he said instead. While his brother had not actually participated in the prank, neither did he do anything to stop it. And he had laughed a bit.

Uncle Rudy tried to hide his smile, but could not quite manage it, so Sherlock frowned at him. “Ah, well, never mind that,” the man said. “I’ve brought you a Christmas gift.” Using one finger, he pushed the box closer to Sherlock.

Read the full story at The Rules of Piracy and leave my talented friend mydogwatson some feedback.





During our London trip last month, Sherlock Fans USA, gathered quite a bit for charity, the below donations are the result of that! [Beautiful art above by Kristine Harbek]

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Many thanks to Hartwoods Film for their donation towards this project, and to Rich and Tom Stoughton, for being a part of our Charity Tea!


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