sherlockHolmesThe loss of a young boy’s life is discouraging, and Sherlock blames himself. John is there to comfort and reassure his detective. Enjoy previous chapters: Two Gentlemen SharingA Game For Gentlemen, and A Gentleman’s Gratitude!

And a short teaser…

Only eight years of age and according to all, a bright and friendly lad, whom in no way deserved to fall into the clutches of the vile kidnapper, Hailey, and his gang. Hailey insists the death was an accident, that he had not intended the boy to die, that it was his underling who delivered the fatal blow. Holmes actually struck the man at that point, in one of his rare displays of actual temper, which is much different from his usual melodramatics.

We left the Yard shortly after and returned to Baker Street. Mrs. Hudson brought up a tray of sandwiches and tea, but Holmes ignored it, going instead to the window to stare down at the road below.

I managed half a gammon sandwich and took several swallows of the tea, but the sight of Holmes so still at the window caused me to leave off trying to behave normally. Instead, I rose and went to the sideboard to fetch two portions of our best whiskey before joining Holmes at the window. He was reluctant to take the glass but I forced it into his hand. “Drink it, Sherlock,” I said. “On your doctor’s order. And your dear companion’s advice.”

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During our London trip last month, Sherlock Fans USA, gathered quite a bit for charity, the below donations are the result of that! [Beautiful art above by Kristine Harbek]

$600.00 dollars was donated to Saint Jude and children’s cancer research… 

SJ2 copy

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$85.00 dollars was donated to help our furry friends in need…


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Many thanks to Hartwoods Film for their donation towards this project, and to Rich and Tom Stoughton, for being a part of our Charity Tea!


We hope to raise more money during the London Film Comic-Con this July! If you’d like to offer something Sherlock related, to go towards our Charity Basket, please email us at




This Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

The Date Has Been Announced For Retro Con 2019!! Hope to see you there!



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