Have a cuppa of tea with Ali Miller!

IMG_8315 copyDuring our recent London trip, Ali Miller was kind enough to invite us over for tea and share her collection with us! I also asked a few questions…


Interview first, then pictures, and as you’ll notice it was dress down day, nothing fancy as we chatted about the Ali Miller London collection!


Beautiful photos of a beautiful collection… And, of course, there’s more than just Sherlock sets to admire!IMG_8311 Ali Miller showing off some of her collection.










The original design for Home Sweet Home… 



Sherlock and John considering another set!

Purchase a set for yourself at https://alimiller.co.uk/


The Ali Miller London collection will also be on display at the Sherlock Fans USA table, during the London Comic Film convention in July!



Personal note to fans: So I’ve been a bit delayed again… Getting ready for a California trip within the next day. I know I need to start posting more and sharing my London adventures, until after the trip though, I’ll give you a few more goodies.

I pass along lots of love to my friend Rhonna, for offering to help run this blogging site! -Rose aka Blogger [Picture below: Rhonna and I grab a cab in London, or should I say steal a cab?!]


And for those that haven’t seen it yet, Benedict has a new charity and contest listed with Omaze! Keep watching and do enter, you could just win a trip to meet our favorite talent!

Click Link for more details: Meet Benedict Cumberbatch




Blogger’s Retro Convention… I’m doing it again next year!

The Date Has Been Announced For Retro Con 2019!! Hope to see you there!



Buy a Weekend Ticket: retrocons.com/purchase-retro-con-tickets/

CONTACT US Email: screamers@retroscreamers.com

Find Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com/RetroCons

Our 2019 Facebook Event Page:



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