A Gentleman’s Gratitude


Sherlock considers Watson’s feelings while sending his accusing brother some warmth! Enjoy this next segment by mydogwatson! [Fielets you may have missed: Two Gentlemen Sharing & A Game For Gentlemen] Art by Fayeren, another talented fan!

A teaser as always…

My over-bearing brother occasionally accuses me of taking John Watson for granted.

I could argue the point but probably will not trouble myself to do so. On one occasion when Mycroft expressed that particular opinion, Watson overheard his words and replied mildly, “If a man cannot take his most intimate friend for granted sometimes, then perhaps their bond is not as strong as it should be.”

Watson is one of the few people [our mother and occasionally our French grandmama are the only others] who can leave the British government dumb and I delight each time he does so.

Still, sometimes it must be said that Mycroft might have a valid point. A very tiny point, but nevertheless…

This particular night might well serve as one such example. I had just come bursting into our rooms after an extended and unexplained absence. Shortly after breakfast, Watson had ventured out into the chill, grey day just long enough to obtain some shag and a copy of the Illustrated London News which I had requested him to fetch. Whilst he was absent, one of my more reliable Irregulars appeared with a tidbit of news about a notorious sneak thief who had recently turned to murder when two householders caught him in the act. The first victim was a hapless housemaid, so the crime barely bestirred the clumsy officers of the Yard into an investigation. Two nights ago, however, the dead man turned out to be a prominent barrister with ties to the royal family, so all was a flurry of activity. With little result thus far, unsurprisingly.

Given that, it was understandable that the news from the boy drove me out of 221B immediately, forgetting even to leave a note to explain my disappearance.


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