The Victorian stories continue, and the secrets, as I post mydogwatson‘s next segment of Sherlock December Ficlets from 2017! Art by sh2jw, along with another secret Sherlock?!

Here’s a little teaser… The full story can be found at SECRETS! And please leave mydogwatson some comments, after you’ve read her amazing stories! 

Holmes stands at the front window, gazing down at Baker Street, and judging from the expression of disdain on his face, he deems the sight to be most unsatisfactory. It no doubt raises the question of my current mental state that I find the dour expression on those elegant features most appealing.

Fortunately, I have long since realized that my life has become rather like some special, private ring of hell. And yet I would have it no other way. On my more fanciful days [of which Holmes would claim I have far too many] I am put in mind of the courtly rituals of love amongst the knights as told in the tales I read as a boy. As they often pined from afar for the object of their affections, I stand across the sitting room filled with love that I have no way to express. Although I do try in my scribblings.

I suppose Holmes would be the fair maiden in that rather pained metaphor and that thought makes me chuckle softly.

Not so softly, of course, that it goes unheard by the man at the window. He glances around at me and frowns in his most fierce manner. “I am so pleased, Watson, that my suffering amuses you.

I walk across the room and settle into my chair. “I was not aware that the definition of suffering had been extended to include the absence of any hideous murders for three days.

Bah,” is his disgusted reply. He leans against the wall and watches the scene below once again. “All those petty people on their petty errands.

I reach for my current reading, a nautical adventure by W. Clark Russell, with hopes that I might get at least a few pages read. Unhappily, I do not help my own cause, because I carelessly make one further remark. “I suppose they are beginning their holiday preparations, Holmes.” Such innocent words. I should really know better by now.

Holmes whirls around and I am glad that my pistol is safely stashed away, as the expression on his face now leads me to think that the poor wall would be in for yet more punishment at his hands. Mrs Hudson would not be pleased in that event. “Oh, good lord,” he shouts. “As if life is not tedious enough. Now you are going to inflict the most tedious season of the year upon me.


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