Sherlock December Ficlets [2017]: Humbug!


Last week I recapped on a favorite December Ficlet by mydogwatson, but I hadn’t posted the story in its correct order, so I’m going to start this over again, and share each story as it was printed, and shared! The first story was called Humbug! Art by sh2jw!

John Watson has his secrets… Here’s a teaser, the full story can be found at Humbug! And please leave mydogwatson some comments, after you’ve read her amazing stories! 

My good friend Mr Sherlock Holmes presents a rather austere visage to the world, that of a serious man, one who would have scant patience for any sort of tomfoolery. [I suspect that he would interject here that it is actually my ‘scribblings’ which present him to the world in that way. I will grant him that.]

To be quite honest, despite my description of Holmes, he does take an almost child-like delight in some aspects of his unique profession. Although probably only someone who shares quarters with the man and thus enjoys a certain intimacy would be witness to that side of his nature.

One example of that delight is how Holmes relishes those occasions upon which he can don some disguise or another, the more absurd the better. He maintains an entire extra wardrobe in the attics of 221B for the purpose. On more than one occasion, I have been completely flummoxed when my friend appears before me in the guise of a rough seaman or a flighty vicar.

Almost as much as he enjoys dressing up, Holmes also delights on those occasions where he and I [because I can never refuse an invitation to accompany him] are required to conceal ourselves in some dark alleyway or take residence in some less-than-salubrious hotel, waiting to apprehend a miscreant or even to bear witness to a crime.

In truth, I myself also take a certain pleasure in sharing such adventures with Holmes, probably more so than I should do.




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