A Harry Potter Weekend in NY City!


I’m taking it beyond Baker Street today, to brag a bit about my adventures in NY City this past weekend, and how I met Daniel Radcliffe! My friend Denise and I mainly went to New York City, to see Radcliffe in The Lifespan of a Fact. The Play was brilliant and very entertaining, and I can’t say one actor was better than another because all three were fabulous, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale were also a part of this amazing cast! [Above is a photo of my friend Denise and I, about to enter Studio 54, for The Lifespan of a Fact!]


It was beautiful inside the theater too!



I got Daniel’s autograph and so did Denise, but it was difficult to get any photos with the talent, with all the fangirls… I heard someone actually ask Daniel if he’d date them, he was very polite as he said no, ‘I’m seeing someone’. I did get a few photos of the actor, as he was heading in, and I’ll forever cherish my signed pop figure!



So I posed with the Grinch instead, with my signed Pop Figure!


And there was a ton of Grinch to see in Time Square, most of these photos and videos are from Forever 21 in Time Square!



He’s giving me the eye…



Ghostbuster Firehouse goodies and a few photos from the 9/11 memorial will be posted on my Retro Blogging Site!



Helping a friend in need, please check out this and donate if you can!


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