Welcome to Mars!


Sherlock and John are now attending different schools, their interests have changed. Watson is the captain of football team, while Sherlock is attending a private school, and has his dance recitals. Growing up is hard! But there still something there! Here’s another amazing chapter, by mydogwatson! Art above by arashicat

A Short Teaser..

As was usual, John was the last one to leave the changing room. His role as captain of the football team required him to make sure that all was left clean and organised after practice. Technically, of course, as a year thirteen student, he could have passed the chore on to a younger boy, but he took his duties seriously. And, also, he rather enjoyed spending some time alone. It was certainly better than being at home these days. If he could have gotten away with sleeping in the changing room, he might well have done.

Finally, when he could not find a single wet towel left on the floor or another forgotten text book under one of the benches, John turned off the lights and stepped outside. With a sigh, he turned to lock the door and mentally prepared himself to go home.

“The duties of leadership must be onerous indeed if that sigh is any indication.”

His first impulse, as always, was to grin. But it had been a fortnight since he’d heard a single word from Sherlock bloody Holmes and he was not inclined to immediately let the bastard know how glad he was to see him. “Didn’t think a posh public school boy knew how to find his way back to this lowly comprehensive,” was what he said. Finally, he turned to look at Sherlock where he was perched on the bicycle rack.

Public school boy indeed.

John assumed that the uniform the other boy was wearing would have at some point included a jacket. Not to mention a tie. But now it had been reduced to a snug white shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows and narrowly cut black trousers that were decidedly not standard issue. The picture was finished off by the unruly dark curls and a cigarette dangling from lips that probably warranted more contemplation than was safe. All in all, Sherlock looked as if he belonged on the poster for a bad boy film. The only thing needed to complete that impression was a shiny motorcycle.

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