Stories For Boys


These two have been best friends from the start, and they plan to always be best friends! But will their interests always remain the same? This will be ongoing story by mydogwatson! Art above by GrayCatlyx!


A Bit of a teaser..

John Hamish Watson was not best pleased.

Both of his feet were firmly planted on the worn carpet, his arms were crossed in front of his chest and the expression on his face was thunderous. He had been so looking forward to this day and now it had all been ruined. “This isn’t fair,” he said fiercely.

Unfortunately, Headmaster Owens looked entirely unimpressed. “Watson,” he said mildly, “you are not in primary school any longer. Things are bound to be different here.”

John sighed, trying to be patient with the man; clearly, he was not aware of how things were meant to be. “But Sherlock and I have always been in the same class. Since nursery, even.”

“How nice. But now you are eleven and in secondary school. New rules, new classes, new friends. It’s an adventure.”

John was not an idiot, no matter what Sherlock called him at least once a week, and he could see that his arguments were not going to move the headmaster at all. Still, he had to try. “Sherlock doesn’t want any new friends,” he muttered darkly.

The smile Headmaster Owens gave him reminded John of the hated Mycroft. Smug, Sherlock once said and after looking up the word, John could only agree. “Yet he is not here whinging, is he? Clearly, Holmes is in his proper classroom and so you ought to be as well. Good morning, Watson. Unless you want a mark against your name for being tardy on the first day, I suggest you hop to it and get to Mr Gilroy’s room.”

Of course Sherlock isn’t here, John wanted to say. Because this kind of thing is down to me.

Mummy Holmes had once called him the Ambassador to Sherlock and that had made him feel good. Important.

But right now, he didn’t say anything else. He just frowned at the headmaster once more, to make sure that his displeasure was clear and left the office.

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