Hasia Dreams!


I’m taking it Beyond 221B today! To spotlight another talented Freeman, Jamie Freeman! It’s hard to say which video I love best, since I’m a psychedelic fan! [I grew up with the Beatles, the Doors, and the Monkees, if that tells you anything!] The Knight is a favorite of mine, it has that Tolkien feel, which I love! Learn more at: jamiefreeman.co.uk!

More info on this talented band soon! 


BUY A T-SHIRT and help a favorite charity! Club member Kayleigh Tipton is raising money for an Amazing Charity, while honoring one of our favorite talents on his Birthday! For Martin Freeman’s 47th Birthday, Kayleigh has designed this Amazing T-Shirt! John Watson, You keep me right! Money collected goes to GOSH [Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity]

tshirt copy

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