For those that SHIP T-shirts!

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We’re honoring an amazing and talented fan through her t-shirt designs today! For those of you that SHIP, you can now buy that perfect t-shirt through Red Passion’s collection on RedBubble! Pairings include: Johnlock, Sherlolly, MorMor, Mystrade, and Mythea!

Find Red Passion on Tumblr, on Facebook and commission her to do some amazing art!

Just a few of the t-shirts you can buy, through her RedBubble account!

Johnlock T-Shirts

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Pure DevotionFansticker – It’s always you


Mystrade T-Shirts

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Deep CareFanstickerYou’re my division!


MorMor T-Shirts

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Criminal SmoochFanstickerKilling happily ever after!


Sherlolly T-Shirts

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Wedding dayFanstickerYou do count!


Mythea T-Shirts

flat,1000x1000,075,f.u2 (8)

True LoveFanstickerI’m not lonely!

Again there’s so much more to buy on Red Passion’s account, and I’ll be spotlighting this amazing artist again soon!



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