Sherlock Fans USA: Charity T-Shirts!

Because we love charities and I think this would be a fun way to promote our group, I’ve designed Three shirts! The deadline for buying these t-shirts is July first, they’ll be made shortly after and shipped July 10th! Each t-shirt goes towards a special charity, so let’s also raise some money!!


The first t-shirt design will have this on the front of it, and it Honor’s Redbeard! The money will go towards Cat Angel Network, a shelter for animals with special needs. If you’d like to have you’re lettering on the front instead of the back, here’s another designed offered: For Redbeard


Each t-shirt will have the same lettering on the back of it.

download (1)

The second t-shirt design, SHERLOCK’S KIDS will go towards Mending Kids a nonprofit organization, that helps family and kids in need of medical care! 



The third and final t-shirt Honor’s our favorite Land Lady, MRS HUDSON! The money goes towards The Alzheimer’s Association. [This t-shirt is also in memory of a wonderful father, my dad, whom we lost last year, to this horrible disease]. 


Now purchase a great t-shirt, and help a great charity! We Sherlock fans plan to wear these to London next year too!

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Taking it Beyond Baker Street!

Must Watch Shows and Movies, starring our favorite talents!

Have you watched Patrick Melrose yet?



For those that haven’t watched it yet.. Safe is a must! Starring: Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abbington and Marc Warren!



Martin Freeman brilliant as always in Cargo!






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