In for a London trip next year?


Sherlocked just ending and some of us are already planning a trip to London, yours truly included! Martin Freeman’s my inspiration, he’ll be starring in [A Slight Ache / The Dumb Waiter] at the Harold, during a Pinter at the Pinter Season. I’ve already purchased my tickets for the 11th and 12th of February 2019!


Possible Hotel ideas: Rhonna Di one of our members works for the Wyndham, so we maybe be able to get some hotel group rates. Montana Hotel in London, so we’ll look into group rates, for those interested!



Group Events: Aside from possibly meeting-up with some of the Sherlock talents, young Tom Stoughton’s family has already offered to meet up with us! Here’s a few personal ideas.. A BBC Sherlock Locations TourBreakfast at Speedy’s is on the top of my list!


Afternoon Tea!


Afternoon tea at Landmark Hotel, because I’m sure Sherlock fans will remember this hotel. 



A Little Shopping?

For me.. Hamleys London, is a must shop toy store!


I’ll be listing more ideas soon.. But lets get the ball rolling, and see how many would be interested in meeting up for some Sherlock fun! The Dates: I’m looking at February 9th through the 16th, 2019.

Because it’s all about the fans!! 




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