A Midnight Clear


The longest night of the year, how will John cheer up his Detective? Perhaps a little walk and then a blessing from the Roman god of winter? I give you another brilliant segment of Sherlock December Ficlets, by mydogwatson!


A teaser from A Midnight Clear

We had reached the park and once our steps had taken us into the interior, it felt as if we had entered a different world completely. All the sounds of the city—the clip-clop of the carriage horses on the roadway, the occasional call of a news seller, trying to rid himself of the last of his papers before quitting for the night, the hawking of roasted chestnuts on the corner—faded away to nothing and it almost seemed as if we could hear the snow as it landed on the ground.

Once again, we walked without words, neither of us apparently willing to break the spell that had over-taken us in this strange and lovely new world. Between the clouds, a shaft of moonlight made the snow glitter.

We had not yet reached the zoo, when Holmes paused. I turned my head to see whatever had caught his attention. “How beautiful,” I said then.

You’ll find a continuation of this story at: A Midnight Clear! Also upon finishing that story, leave mydogwatson some comments! She’d love to hear from you!

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