A gift for Rupert Graves!


For Lestrade fans attending Sherlocked in May, I’ll have a poster signing project, set up during Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party event! It’ll be fan’s writing little messages and notes for our beloved Inspector Lestrade! I’ll also have poster projects set for other talents as well! 

Fan’s can also leave little messages and notes for Sian Brooke! I’ll have more listed soon!


If you cannot attend the Pool party, I’ll have these posters with me in the hotel Lobby during the weekend as well!


And don’t forget Molly’s contest!! It Ends April 15th!!


Molly’s such a adorable character, a definite favorite in the Sherlock community! So we make that our next contest! This autograph was handed out to the press, during the first season of Sherlock! It’s an official autograph, with a letter of certification! It also comes with an adorable Titan figure of Molly!

The rules as always are simple! Join our Sherlock Fans USA group, and say.. “I’d like to win Molly!” Contest ends April 15th! Also follow us at Sherlock Fans Over Thirty and our Like page!

These contests continues to be sponsored by Retro Con 2018, a convention I host and run with my husband! 


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