Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?


For you Sheriarty fans, this story takes an interesting twist, as Sherlock goes to Moriarty for protection. In the end, will the two men admit their love? Brilliantly written I hope you enjoy [Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?] as much as we have! Story by ravyn_nevermore! Art by AnnaProvidence at

A teaser from Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?

Jim is much kinder than Sherlock had anticipated. Only to him, though. With people who deliver food when he’s too tired to cook, he’s merely polite. With clients, he’s cold, stern, and proper. But with Sherlock, always kindness. It’s fascinating really. He always feeds Sherlock, always keeps a comfortable distance. The clothes he bought fit perfectly. Jim continues to sleep on the sofa and allow Sherlock his bed. Sometimes, he’ll play piano for him. He doesn’t even mind when Sherlock wants to just lie around and watch crap telly.

You’ll find a continuation of the story at: Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me? Also upon finishing that story, leave ravyn_nevermore some comments! She’d love to hear from you!

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