The Great Game Lego Set!!


Spent most the weekend working on completing my Lego sets.. This was one of them, The Great Game set! The cell phone is super big on James, but then that’s Lego for you ūüôā Maybe he’s got this 90’s style cell phone ūüėÄ


I’ve only one set of this trio.. But I also designed six sets of John, Sherlock and Mycroft, shown below.¬†


Sian Brooke was so impressed with this set during the Sherlocked UK event [last October], she requested four sets, two for her boys and two for¬† Benedict Cumberbatch’s boys! Such an honor, and thus the reason for¬†making so many sets of this trio!¬†

I’m sure I’ll be designing more in the future, maybe a set based on each episode?¬†More goodies soon as always! And for those that have yet to enter our latest¬†contest, details below!



Molly’s such a adorable character, a definite favorite in the Sherlock community! So we make that our next contest! This autograph was handed out to the press, during the first season of Sherlock! It’s an official autograph, with a letter of certification! It also comes with an adorable Titan figure of Molly!

The rules as always are simple! Join our¬†Sherlock Fans USA¬†group, and say.. ‚ÄúI‚Äôd like to win Molly!‚ÄĚ Contest ends April 15th! Also follow us at¬†Sherlock Fans Over Thirty¬†and our Like page!


These contests continues to be sponsored by Retro Con 2018, a convention I host and run with my husband! 



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