Who want’s cake?


I’ve been experimenting with cupcake designs for Mrs. Hudson’s Pool party this May! Yes I’m putting a lot of thought into this event 🙂  If you’re arriving to Sherlocked a day early, come join us Thursday night, for a fan gathering! Party Favors and door prizes will also be offered! More info below! 


The Black Lotus

For those that would like to learn how to make the Black Lotus, I’ll have plenty of materials to do so! And for those that would just like to have one, I’ll be making these before and during the Pool Party!

black-lotus-1024x576 (1)


The Sign of Three party favors

Above are custom party favors, I’ll be handing out to attendees, as Mrs. Hudson! They’ll be filled with candies! [While supplies last!] 



Door Prizes!

For those that felt we didn’t have enough going on, two door prizes! Hope to see you there! For more information, follow our event page: Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party!


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