Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party!


For those attending the Sherlocked convention in a May, I’ve been promising some fun! What I’m planning, is a a little gathering Thursday evening, before the main convention begins. My thoughts are to gather around Marriott LAX pool. I’ll work on having Sherlock theme music playing! Possibly order a Sherlock cake, I’m looking into designs and ideas now! Have a ribbon swap! And just enjoy each other’s company, before the main convention begins! Costumes are welcome, because I’ll be wearing my Mrs. Hudson costume! I haven’t set a starting time yet, but I’m thinking around 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm at the latest. Would love to hear your ideas, comment below, or contact at me! [Above is one of my favorite shots from the U.K. Events, some of us fans with many of the cast members!]

Keep in mind this is a fan gathering, it’s nothing official! 

The pool at the Marriott LAX

Another shot of the pool! It’s a beautiful area!


Ribbon swapping has become one of my favorite things to do! For those interested in joining in, here’s a look at last years ribbons, and a link to order your own Ribbons Galore!



One of the many cake ideas I’ve looked at! But without the Happy Birthday of course! Or maybe we’ll have cupcakes!?



Something special for the actors.. I’m planning another poster signing that evening too! Which will involve fans signing little messages for our favorite talents! Poster below is what I plan to have signed for Rupert Graves! 


Again, any ideas.. Feel free to email me, or comment below! Also join in the fun at Sherlock Fans USA on our Facebook group, and Sherlock Fans Over Thirty!

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