An Updated Site!

I had a very busy weekend as always, so not much new today.. I would love your feedback on the new layout though, and remind fans that the latest Benedict Cumberbatch Contest nears it’s end! Next Saturday the 24th of February will be the last day to enter, details below, and no you don’t have to live in the states to win!

A Benedict Cumberbatch Contest!


I’m taking it Beyond Baker Street for this contest! This time it’s for a Benedict Cumberbatch autograph, of Doctor Strange! The rules are simple! 

Follow us on our Facebook fan group, if you haven’t yet [ ] and write “I’m here to win Benedict!” Instantly you’ll be entered!

_ _ _

I’m also plotting something fun, for those attending the Sherlocked USA event this May! I’ll post more on that tomorrow! Until then, enjoy some Sherlock USA art, by my friend Tami Lapp! 

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