Becoming Sherlock Holmes


It’s simply amazing, the dedication a fan will put into a costume, into becoming a beloved character. Paying close attention to every detail, Bravo Almara has the stunning ability to do just that! Bravo became of fan of Sherlock in 2011, it was then she tried her first costume of Sherlock. Since then, she’s not only dressed as the Consulting Detective.. But she’s done an amazing job as Eurus Holmes and James Moriarty as well!


 Bravo Almara dressing as Sherlock for the first time in 2011! Follow Bravo on  Facebook & on Instagram


Bravo shares her thoughts on the series and the characters in this short interview! 

Sherlock Fans USA: When where you first introduced to Sherlock, and when did you decide on a costume? You have a James Moriarty too right?

Bravo:  I was first introduced to Sherlock in 2011 and my first try at the costume was in 2011. I have makeup tested Moriarty but don’t have a full costume.


Sherlock Fans USA: What’s your favorite Sherlock episode? (Being the geek I am, I had to ask!)

Bravo: If I had to choose, my favorite episode Is a scandal in Belgravia. It was the first time we saw Sherlock struggling internally with something and we really see John step up as a friend to him (and possibly exposed feelings he’s not aware of).

Sherlock Fans USA: You mentioned Sherlock’s your favorite character, can you tell fans why? What do you think of the chemistry between John and Sherlock? And what inspires you to cosplay a certain character? (At this point I flooded Bravo with questions!)

Mentioning John, have you ever cosplayed with a John Watson? 

What was your reaction to Eurus Holmes?

Bravo: Sherlock is my favorite character because he’s so complex. His character has so many layers that the audience can see in Benedict’s performance, but these other parts of him aren’t necessarily touched on. It let’s assume/imagine things about him which is a nice spark for creativity. Also I really resonate with the characters social immaturity, because I’ve always been an introvert. I think the chemistry between John and Sherlock is very similar to my significant other and I, so it interested me right away. The characters are so yin and yang/push and pull it makes for enough tension to be interesting to watch. Plus when they really have a friendship moment you know it was difficult for each of them to get to that point. I’ve never cosplayed with a John but I’m dying to! If there are any John cosplayers in the LA area, message me! My reaction to Eurus was at first absolute shock. I couldn’t believe where the show was going. Once I started trying to unravel season 4 I discovered the depth of her presence throughout the show via Moriarty. I thought it was astounding! Sians performance was really scary and at points heartbreaking. Despite the outlandish nature of the latest season I feel like it brought John and Sherlock to the place where Arthur Conan Doyle started. We’ve got that friendship now that was so appealing in the books.


Sherlock Fans USA: Are you a collector? Anything notable Sherlock collectibles?

Bravo: I’m not a collector but I do art as well. I unfortunately can’t afford to collect and I move around a lot. 

Sherlock Fans USA: Aside from your amazing costumes, is there anything else you’ve done Sherlock wise. Drawing, paintings, fanfics, etc? Sherlock wise, is there any other costume you’d consider doing?

Bravo: I’ve done some fanfics and I’ve done three Sherlock related art works 🙂 I’m working on an Irene cosplay, and I’d love to do John. 


Bravo’s fan fiction Brother Mine! I haven’t read to many Mycroft stories, so it’s a unique look at the two brothers! And Eurus has a message for the fans!


Bravo as Eurus Holmes! It’s not only the make up and the costume that makes her characters so amazing, it’s her performance as a character! 

The Consulting Detective!









As Eurus Holmes!




Bravo takes it beyond 221B, in this amazing Doctor Strange costume and as Jack Sparrow!







See you at Sherlocked USA Bravo!! Follow Bravo on  Facebook & on Instagram



And don’t forget the Benedict Cumberbatch Contest!


I’m taking it Beyond Baker Street for this contest! This time it’s for a Benedict Cumberbatch autograph, of Doctor Strange! The rules are simple! 

Follow us on our Facebook fan group, if you haven’t yet [ ] and write “I’m here to win Benedict!” Instantly you’ll be entered!

I’ll collect all the names February 24th and announce a winner on the 25th! Good luck to all of you!





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