Sherlock Contest Winner!


Our Sherlock contest ends with 32 entrees! 

Some didn’t have full names, because they were screen names!

Lynne Kourtidis, Kuno Xiong, Michelle Costa Swart, Michelle Dailey Zajac, Emily Dickey, Noreen Pazderski, Caragh jones, Maureen Cooney, Enrica, Cathy Tallman, Ethan moriarty, mkd49, Christine Senior, Balboa histories, Katie, bad01, chrissywright, latrout, Daniel, Luis, mariamkf, Emily Dickey, iradesca, creepypastagirls, Mansi, Anja Giersch, Lilian Bonzi, Olivia Garcia, Sora Reyes, Teri White, Sophia Rijsterborgh and Pernilla Elvhage!

After printing and cutting all the names out.. 

I used John’s drinking glass from Sherlocked USA, so that he could help make the choice!


And the winner drawn from the batch is..

IMG_0265 Teri White

Congratulations Teri! 

_ _ _


I like to keep the ball rolling contest wise.. So our next contest will be for a Rupert Graves autograph, with a set of convention ribbons! Lets celebrate the fact he’ll be at Sherlocked!

I’ll post this contest shortly!



This and the next contest is brought to you by Retro Con 2017!

For those that live in the area, I hope to see you there!



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