A Matter of Identity.


Art by xbalanque-benereb!

It’s Elementary my fellow Sherlock fans! Let’s see how many deductions are made! [Questions are taken from a Sherlock Enigmas game I own. The answer to this question will be posted later this week! For those really interested in a competition.. I could add a little prize. The person to answer the question correctly first, I’ll send a Sherlock ribbon!]


Art by redmarker2611!

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A Matter of Identity

 As we were walking through Regent’s Park one afternoon, Holmes drew my attention to a pair of young women engaged in earnest conversation.

“Observe those ladies, Watson. What can you tell me about them?”

I studied them closely. They were as alike as peas in a pod, identical in facial structure, deportment and dress. I said as much to my companion, and asserted that they surly had to be twins. 

“Indeed?” Holmes look amused. “For a fact, I can tell you that Louise and Lisa Barnes share the same mother, the same father, and the same precise day of birth, but I’m afraid you are utterly wrong. They are most certainly not twins.”

Can you explain?


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