After yesterday’s event.. I give you a Total eclipse of the heart. The loyalty and love between these two is unbreakable! This is but a small sample of Arkarti‘s art, she’s simply amazing! I’ll be posting more art soon!





It was asked yesterday if I could share more Moriarty work.. Thanks to Arkarti, I’ll share some today!




And for those that haven’t entered yet..

Sherlock USA Contest!


I’m sure many of you have seen the Sherlock Titan Figures! Mystery packs can be a pain, especially when you get the same figure over and over again! This contest guarantees you’ll get a unique collection of some of our favorite figures, complete with accessories!

Included in this contest is the novelization of a Study in Pink, and a Sherlock Ribbon from the Sherlocked ribbon swap! For more details: Sherlock USA Contest!



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Site is sponsored by Retro Con 2017!


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