Sherlock Fans Sharing Their Love!


Whilst the eclipse takes place, I continue collecting art and crafts centering on Sherlock BBC! So many talented fans and so much love! I have at least thirty artist sharing their art and collectibles, just getting it all posted ūüôā

Keep watching and I’ll keep sharing! This beautiful piece of art is by Blizz-Mii!


And adorable little Beanie Pony Sherlock by Mihijime’s Attic!


The Mirror by Brian Rousette!


Amazing Art by Brian Rousette!




More adorable ponies by Rebecca Burton!



Another adorable Pony, with something extra! Squeeze this pony’s stomach and he says “You see, you just don’t observe!” Pony designed by Judhudson!



BBC Sherlock Pony Plush by white7777!


BBC John Pony Plush by white7777! So want to hug this little guy!!





One last piece.. As I continue to collect items! Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, by ToxicOxygen!


_ _ _

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