Sherlocked UK



Sherlocked is only a few months away.. So in saying that. I would love to get some feedback from fellow fans, that are attending. The U.S. event was amazing! I loved the Ribbon Swap and the costumes! Fan interacting is always one of my favorite things to do! If you don’t know about the convention, here’s a link:

My first question.. Are you attending?


During the U.S. event, The Baker Street Babes held this amazing Ribbon Swap! I collected so many! I’m having a few more ribbons made for the UK event. [A Wedding Sherlock and John set!] I’ll also bring the two I already have. I would love to do some more trading with fellow fans!


Believe me it’s a fun thing to do! Here’s a link to the ribbon site: This is how to order the most popular size: Custom Badge Ribbon 1- 5/8 x 4

Do you plan to have Ribbons and join in the Swap?

This is my ribbon collection from U.S. event!





Next question, is concerning cosplay. How many plan to suit up, and can we plan a photo-shoot at some point? Maybe during one of the evening parties? I at least plan to bring my Sherlock Guardsmen costume.

Next poll question, do you plan to dress up?


I’ve been toying with making a Greg from the wedding, I think it would be hilarious!



My Guardsmen Sherlock, had a blast wearing this at the U.S. Event!



I could also bring my Abominable Bride costume, I have yet to wear that in public!



Hope to see all of you there, and feel free to leave comments below!



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