A Constant Update!

I’m constantly working on the site and adding more goodies! I’ve had a lot of artist contact me recently about sharing their art, some brilliant cosplay shared, and some amazing stories shared! I’ll be posting more within a few days. Right now I’m working on each page design! Latest additions to the site include Beyond 221B and The Talents Behind Sherlock! The front has also went through some updates!

More goodies to posted soon! Remember it’s you fans that help make this site so incredible!


Art by Wise Snail Art!


Another photo from Sakiko-Seihikaru. Those included in this photo: das-Diddy as John H. Watson, HelloDarkside as Irene Adler, NaokoSato as Mrs. Hudson, MizuFuunakami as Anthea, the–Draco as Mycroft Holmes, GenesisRhapsodos as Jim Moriarty and Sakiko-Seihikaru as Sherlock Holmes.

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