Lego Sherlock


The title says it all.. I am a Huge Lego nut!! And because of that I’ve been working on a few custom figures! Eventually I would like to make a whole set of these characters. But for now, a small preview!


Sherlock’s Torso designed by yours truly!



John Watson took me forever to design, with all the details of the shirt and jacket!



Moriarty.. If you hadn’t noticed the skulls in his tie, I did ūüôā


These are a few helpful items I saw online, that have helped a great deal in designing these characters! More goodies to come, along with completed projects!

All three of these faces came from a site called MOCpages! Designers name Lego Booklet Kid


Sherlock Holmes



John Watson



James Moriarty


More details soon and if you haven’t followed us on Facebook yet ūüôā Check us out @¬†Sherlock Fans USA¬†or @ Sherlock Fans Over Thirty






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