Postcards Part 1


With summer vacations nearing for many of us, I’m in the Postcard mood! I’ll mix it up with some China Postcards and some Brilliant Postcards from mydogwatson!

First 11 Postcard Tales, written by mydogwatson. I’ll post more soon!


The Case of the Half-awakened Wife by

John cannot sleep after the events at the airfield.


The Garden Party by

John and Sherlock at Buckingham Palace. Everybody is dressed.



Sweet Danger by

There comes a time when a man has to gather his courage.



Sailing by

A stakeout gets interesting.



Britain in the Sixties: The Other England by

A different time, but Holmes and Watson meet anyway.



Lost Moorings by

Lost boy Sherlock and soldier John, both still drifting.



Busman’s Honeymoon by

Finally there has been a wedding.



A Book of English Poetry by

Sherlock and John and poetry.



The Case of the Dangerous Dowager by

John is summoned to a meeting. There is no tea served, sadly.



Tender is the Night by

What happens after Sherlock gets off the plane and goes back to 221B.



Our Man in Havana by

In a bar in pre-Revolutionary Cuba, two men meet.



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