A Study In Pink [The U.S. Comics]

For you collectors of the Sherlock comics.. I share some of my personal collection! I don’t have all of them, but I have quite a few!

Sherlock [A Study In Pink] came in a 6 part comic release. The comic was originally released in Japan and from what I understand it is now being released in the UK. Throughout the six issues fans were offered a selection of variant covers. I don’t have all of them, but I have quite a few. Enjoy and feel free to leave feed back! More Updates on the site soon! -Rose

Now On To My Collection! I’ll post more photos as I update!

Issue 1 [Cover A]
 photo 23.jpg

Issue 1 [Cover B]
 photo 15.jpg

Issue 1 [Cover C]
 photo 21.jpg

Issue 1 [Cover D]
 photo 18.jpg

Issue 1 [Cover E]
 photo 22.jpg

Issue 1 [Exclusive by GEEKFUEL]
 photo 16.jpg

Issue 2 [Cover A]
 photo 24.jpg
Again it’s only the one issue for now. Blind Banker I’ve kept on top of it. But with the first series, it was keeping up with the comic book shops. Note.. They sold out quickly!

Issue 3 [Cover A]
 photo 25.jpg
I’ve only got one issue of 3, as well. I’ll have to add the others later. It’s getting the comic book shop to get these covers in, which was the issue.

Issue 4 [Cover A]
 photo 28.jpg

Issue 4 [Cover B]
 photo 27.jpg

Issue 4 [Cover C]
 photo 26.jpg

Issue 5 [Cover A]
 photo 30.jpg

Issue 5 [Cover B]
 photo 31.jpg

Issue 5 [Cover C]
 photo 29.jpg

I plan to make this site all about we Sherlock fans! Covering the Conventions [Sherlocked USA was amazing! See you at the UK event!]! The Costumes! The Collectibles! The Art! The Fanfics! & More!

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