Sherlock Plushies

For Sherlock fans that enjoy a good cuddle.. Etsy has a huge selection! The artist alley at (Otakon) a local Anime convention, has also has offered a wide selection in the past! So if you’re looking to buy a cute cuddle from John or Sherlock.. Start with these two!


Designed by Amagurumi! Although she’s taking a break right now, most likely hitting the summer conventions. She has designed some amazing plushies in the past, some of those include: Hannibal, Supernatural, Dragon Ball Z and basically anything popular.


These cute plushies, I’ve had for two years at least, also come from Otakon! Designed by Kafaid. She’s designed Supernatural plushies as well, along with many anime style type characters.

This of course is just the start of my posting Sherlock collectibles! So much to collect!

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